Incursion – Strings Attached

An introduction into the wonderful world of Puppets

Children will discover different types of Puppets and how they operate. They will also have the opportunity to work with sock, rod, hand, marionette and bunraku style puppets.

Incursion – Runaway with the Circus

A non-stop high energy, participation Workshop!

Benny demonstrates how to juggle, talks about the philosophy of being a performing artist, then children show their physical creativity by trying their hand at juggling balls. It’s fun. It’s wild, and the kids love it.

Incursion – Vaudeville Spectacular

An Incredible Vaudeville Extravaganza!

International artist Benny O entertains the children in this action-packed show, featuring circus, dance, magic, clowning, comedy and plenty of audience participation.

Incursion – Captain Bubbles

All Aboard!

Captain Bubbles will be sure to amaze with a magical
display of unusually shaped bubbles. No one will be able to
stay anchored when these bubble ships take to the air.

Incursion – Muttley Crew

A Spectacular Dog Show

Shows children how to communicate effectively
through the  body language of a dog and interpret
what a dog  is actually saying to develop a relationship
based on a trust and mutual benefits.


Incursion – Dr Hubble’s Bubbles

Everybody loves bubbles!

The fun begins as Dr Hubble shows us the magic and
beauty of bubbles.

Dr Hubble makes bubbles from objects we find around the house like the milk bottle bubble and the gumboot bubble.

Incursion – Flipping Disc Dogz

Aussie Stunt Dogs

Flipping Disc Dogz perform their stunt show
with 8 border collies all over Australia bringing smiles
to everyone that sees them.

Flipping Disc Dogz enjoy the show as much as the crowds!

Incursion – Rainbow Warrior

Paint your holidays Rainbow

Active Attitudes encourages physical activity.
Incursion includes fun drills, exercises & challenges all completed under a rainbow cloud of colour.

Incursion – Rainbow Yoga

Kids Rainbow Yoga

An abundance of creative yoga games, breathing and mindfulness techniques.
Rainbow Yoga helps children to counter difficulties such as stress, balancing moods, behaviour and attention span.

Incursion – Royal Flying Doctors

Aeromedical Simulator

A life-sized replica of the fuselage of a flying doctor plane.

It is fully equipped with stretchers, communications, oxygen,
suction and the equipment used by our everyday heroes; the
doctors, nurses and pilots of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Incursion – Adventures of Detective D

Would you like to be a part of a real life detective movie?

Detective D is a story and workshop about solving cases and unravelling the big questions, like who ate my lunch? This is unique vacation care Melbourne kids love.

Incursion – Super Soaker Summer Circus Circuit

Just add water!

Super fun circus circuit full of curious water themes
circus games and activities.

Try unique juggling games with water balloons, make giant sized bubbles jump through hoops, be mesmerised by the incredible magic of water.

Incursion – Richard Vegas

An intriguing and comical children’s magic show!

Richard Vegas – one of most original and accomplished master Magicians!

Magic that will make you gasp with disbelief as objects appear, disappear and even fly through the air!

Incursion – Monster Skate

A fun sport in pumping atmosphere

 Children are introduced to action sports with accredited coaches and top of the line equipment.

Skateboarders and scooters riders can test their skills
on an outdoor vert and mini ramps.

Incursion – Minibeast Wildlife

Bringing the world of minibeasts to you

Minibeast Wildlife has Australia’s largest range of captive bred and sustainably collected invertebrates.

Stick and leaf insects, mantids, spiders, scorpions, cockroaches, beetles, katydids and much more.

Excursion – Escape Room

One room. One team.

Work with your team to find hidden objects, solve riddles, crack clues and beat the clock to escape the room.

* Highpoint Bowling, VIC  *  Melbourne Central, VIC  *  QV, VIC  *

Excursion – Strike Bowling

Not your average tenpin bowling alley

Whether you’re competing to be crowned bowling king or queen, or just a fan of wholesome fun, Strike is the perfect place for an action-packed day out.

* Bayside, VIC  *  Century City Walk, VIC  *
* Highpoint Bowling, VIC  *  Melbourne Central, VIC  *  QV, VIC  *

Ask about our COMBO package with
B.Lucky & Sons

Excursion – Archie Brothers Electric Circus

Roll Up! Roll Up!

Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq is your one-stop entertainment destination at Melbourne Docklands

With six bowling lanes, 67 arcade and ticket games,
XD Theatre and dodgems, Archie Brother provides
hours of entertainment for everyone.

* Docklands, VIC *

Excursion – Melbourne Star Observation Wheel
& Archie Brothers Combo Package

Get ready for double the fun!

Experience unparalleled panoramic views of Melbourne, then Immerse yourself in a whole new world of wonder at Archie Brothers.

* Docklands, VIC *

Excursion – Archie Brothers &
Hoyts Cinema Combo Package

Arcades and Screen

Enjoy some bowling, arcade games and so much more at Archie Brothers, then sit back and relax in your comfy cinema chair for a private OOSH only viewing at Hoyts.

* Docklands, VIC *

Excursion – Melbourne Star Observation Wheel
& Hoyts Cinema Combo Package

Sights and Screen

Experience unparalleled panoramic views of Melbourne, then sit back and relax in your comfy cinema chair for a private OOSH only viewing at Hoyts.

* Docklands, VIC *

Incursion – Trash Percussion

Empowers children with a unique approach to music

Trash Percussion is an exciting, vibrant and all-inclusive style of percussion designed with the view that anything and everything can be a musical instrument.

Incursion – Middle Eastern Percussion

Drum to the beat of the Middle East

Middle Eastern music has developed into some of the most infectious, exotic, authentic, and recognisable sounds that we have on this planet.

Incursion – African Percussion

Africa’s music is its lifeblood

African music is full of vibrancy, passion and energy which is used to celebrate, communicate and reflect the countless customs, beliefs and societies that stretch over this vast land.

Incursion – Adventure Quest

All you need is a little imagination!

Adventure Quest’ is an interactive show loosely based on the ideals of the ‘Pick a Path’/’Choose Your Own Adventure’ novels and designed to combine Music, Storytelling, Drama and Dance together in one all-inclusive show.

Incursion – Lots a Scents

Quality Fun, Creative Art and Craft activities
Choose from –
Soy candles, Natural Soap , Image jewellery or Terrariums

Incursion – Kidz Mantra Laser Tag

A fun filled mobile laser tag experience 

It is unique, full of fun, excitement, team building, and lots of easy to more tactical games suited for different ages.

Kidz Mantra have got the most advanced laser tag gaming system.

Excursion – Holey Moley

Australia’s most unique mini golf venue

Forget the usual windmills and castles, at Holey Moley
you will experience the craziest mini golf courses you have ever seen. Each hole will keep you wanting more.

In addition to this there are eight Bowling lanes.

NSW : Castle Hill, North Strathfield, Newtown,
Charlestown, Wollongong
VIC : Eastland
QLD : Maroochydore, Surfers Paradise

WA : Northbridge, Carousel

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