Adapting School Holiday Activities

Adapting School Holiday Activities

The current situation of the world compels us in adapting school holiday activities to a new level. Weeks prior to this time, the children are all excited thinking of no school days. Adults, too, look forward to spending a little time with their kids, planning what to do and where to take them. The tried and true activities are modified to be safer and more secure. Additional courtesies like physical distancing, cleaning and disinfecting equipment, tools and  accessories, basic good manners of enforcing safety standards and protocols for our own kids safety.


And it is not just school holiday activities that this pandemic changed. Most major holidays like Christmas and festivities in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide that usually have crowds are either restricted or regulated. Even kids birthday parties have options for online celebrations. Which is a good thing considering blowing candles on cakes is part of the customary gaiety of a birthday celebration. 


A welcome advantage to holding these virtual activities is that more people are able to attend and participate with hello, less time to prepare and clean and wash up. Catching up becomes easier enabling more people to gather to more functions on auspicious dates like Christmas, the middle of the day for family, early evening for school buddies or workmates and late evening for friends.

Adapting School Holiday Activities1The pandemic has opened a chance to getting more creative in adapting school holiday activities. Level-up scavenger hunts and Easter egg hunts with trophies and with varying treats, twists or clues inside. An egg with a prized coupon, a QR coded egg or other special rewards. Build an indoor or outdoor cinema. You can use boxes for seats, a sheet and projector for widescreen. Make it a special themed movie party with matching hats, snacks and drinks. If the movie has sequels, all the better. 

Hold a theme day. Every other day or the weekends can be theme day. Sports, English, colour pink day, life on mars or a night at the Oscars theme. Storybook day can be an alternate for theme day. Fairy tale, unicorns and dragons of a back to the future concept. Adults can indulge in a bit of spa or Vegas inspired theme day. How about spending time making crafts? Craft days can be divided into individual or craft-making teams. T-shirt printing, macramé, bag design, kiddie jewelry and more. This builds better understanding of each other’s strengths, weaknesses and communication between members. 


With a little imagination, there is much we can do in adapting school holiday activities. instilling and showing a little creativity and whimsy in established routine, children learn to use their imagination and fill their time with possibilities around them.

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