Children’s Creativity Through Incursions

Children’s Creativity Through Incursions

There is a need for adults to step up in encouraging children’s creativity through incursions, excursions, and vacation care activities. The current situation is making it difficult for kids to do what they usually do and be where they want to be. In a manner of speaking, the status quo can be stifling to any expected to be active children. 


A child is very easily a great creator. They employ their imaginations fully creating scenarios and dialogue to match. Almost all their waking hours are filled with magic and make believe. This method of creative play assists in their physical, emotional and intellectual development. To a child almost everything is new and worthy of their inspection. 


Creating art and making things with what is available to them stimulates their mind and even their communication skills as they express themselves in ways that they are able to.  An ability to express makes them more socially animated and nimble. 


Vacation Care Australia provides a comprehensive range of activities encouraging children’s creativity through incursions, excursions that will delight and help their development. Like art. Making doodles, drawing faces or simply making temporary shapes while bathing entertains them. But these eventually dries out leaving no trace. 


Kids art workshop is a creative learning experience providing a detailed basic painting method using basic shapes. They will be making funky faces, Jerry Giraffe and do finger tree painting with an award winning artist. Painting helps their hand-eye coordination and emboldens them to experiment with mixing colours and enables them to just have fun while creating an organised mess. 


Fluid art incursion is an introduction to popular techniques of paint pouring, a definitive sample of how creating a mess can lead to creativity and art. The children will use different mediums such as clay, canvas and fabrics in their art. This exciting art and craft class by Donna Gilbertson is open to Kinder aged children to Year 6. The techniques used will vary according to class age and capabilities. 


Children in these group activities learn to create amazing effects and acquire basic painting skills working with safe art products. Their masterpieces will give them a shot of confidence and perhaps push them to even bigger projects in the future.

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