Christmas Vacation Care Programs

Christmas Vacation Care Programs

Christmas vacation care programs for the children should be extra special this year. Not just because of the goings on happening around but also because our kids deserve to have extraordinary memories. The benefits of bringing Christmas vacation care programs into the mix is for the children’s enjoyment and continued development.


Vacation care Australia features kid-friendly incursion and excursion activities that will astonish and amaze your child. Help Santa find his reindeers! Become one of Pete’s cohorts as Santa’s magical elf as they go on a journey to bring the Christmas magic back. Witness candy canes come alive and dozens of red noses appear in Magic Pete’s Christmas Magic show. Colouring pictures and balloons complete this silly fun event.


Have a LOUD Christmas with this hands-on drumming incursion. This empowers kids involving them in group learning, teamwork and positive social skills. Little drummer boy has nothing on this engaging drumming workshop that improves memory recall where the children will perform what they have learnt.


Christmas to most means gifts and all the trappings. That usually means packaging and wrappings. Vacation Care Australia includes Christmas programs that help the environment. Meet Litter Bug, who just celebrated his first birthday party. He and Lisa the Litter Guard are on an adventure of enjoying a sustainable Christmas. Together with their audience, they have learned how harmful balloons are to the ocean creatures. They practice and teach swapping plastic for biodegradable party straws, plates and tablecloths. This interactive show encourages plenty of audience participation. With their help, the Litter Bug will explore how to cut down on all those single use items. From the wrapping paper on all those presents to fancy decorations, they will learn to ‘Swap this for that’ and help preserve the environment.

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In keeping with the green Christmas theme, get creative with the Hort4kidz with activities that will teach your kids about sustainability. Create unique, sustainable pots “Growing Gift’ for family and friends that they will be thrilled to receive. These pots are made from paper cut outs decoupage and choose a Christmas inspired seedling to plant and wrap it carefully complete with a tag ready for delivery in Santa’s sleigh. 


School holiday pursuits and vacation care activities disrupt the boredom and routine of everyday giving parents and carers some breathing room, favourable interactions in a relatively safe environment.

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