Cycling Benefits For The Body and Mind

Cycling Benefits For The Body and Mind

There are countless articles that tout the cycling benefits for the body and mind.  It is good for your health. It is an activity that both young and old can do at any time. It has steadily become popular. In fact, this year, Forbes   have reported a surge in bike sales for this year despite the pandemic. And why not, when it is one of the activities that could allow one to be outside and still follow health protocols of social distancing. 


Benefits of cycling

Being outside the open air of Sydney for individual or team building activity like a full day of cycling is just what the doctor ordered. A bit of sunshine, fresh air with exercise thrown in is the perfect combination and you get this with cycling. The awesome scenery is a plus.

Benefits of cycling includes:

  1. It is low-impact exercise. Unlike walking or running, the body’s weight is not concentrated on the knees or feet but on the pelvis making it an ideal low-impact exercise.
  2. As most exercises, cycling reduces stress, makes one feel good and releases endorphins that act as a pain-killer. Regular exercise not just relieves stress but also makes one less susceptible to stress.Cycling Benefits For The Body and Mind1
  3. Cycling improves posture and coordination. It strengthens one’s musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. 
  4. Older people benefit from cycling as it produces more neurons and forms brain cells. This increases the already weakening brain connections because of age. Regular exercise sharpens both memory and concentration, giving clarity and better decision-making skills.
  5. Cycling is low-cost. All you need is the bike and the open air. 
  6. Being in the open air makes your brain wander and thoughts get free. Sometimes they get organised, sometimes they just get a free roam of what ifs. 
  7. Cycling is good even when recovering from an injury. It is low-intensity so could ease sore muscles into getting their strength back. Cycling also makes the leg muscles leaner and stronger as well as benefitting other muscle groups as well.

With so many advantages to cycling, it is not surprising that many have tried and stayed a cyclist. As a hobby or simply for recreation, as long as it is done regularly as proof that cycling benefits the whole body and mind.

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