Environment Friendly Excursions

Environment Friendly Excursions For Children

Parents who register their children to environment friendly excursions are usually those who would like their kids to be conscious of their surroundings. They are parents who like their children to be aware and help the earth regenerate itself for their future and the future generations. Children who become mindful of their environment become critical thinkers as they go over some everyday decisions that will benefit and conserve the ecosystem. They will learn to be particular and find that they have choices which they may apply to  almost every aspect of their life. 


Ever been to Canoelands Orchard? Here the children have a day full of varied activities such as bee presentations and tractor rides (which is always a hit). There is also seasonal fruit picking and tastings of the . The bee presentation is a combination of a lecture on the importance of bees to sustainable farming. They will also learn beekeeping and harvesting. This is not complete without the animal tour where they will interact with goats, ducks and so much more. There is also the aboriginal hand painting tour and free seeds to take home.


Visit the fairies at the Botanic Gardens and discover the world of magic and fairies. Tickle their imagination as they walk through paths but be careful, there might be more mischievous magical creatures waiting to pay a prank or bestow favours on the unsuspecting. 

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Ever been on a EcoWalker Bush Explorer adventure at Sydney Harbour National Park? It is a great chance to learn about  what little boys are interested in such as bugs, beetles and spiders. There are planned activities that may start a fruitful relationship with plants and animals. Lessons about trees, flowers and native trees that go beyond the classroom along the park trails. All said programs are conducted in a safe and secure learning environment with helpful and knowledgeable staff.


These environment friendly excursions for children encourage respect for living things, a healthy lifestyle and due regard to their surroundings.

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