Festive school holiday activities

Festive School Holiday Activities

It’s time for festive school holiday activities that will cheer and make children shriek in delight. Children anticipate the holidays and the gaiety that goes with it. There are a lot of school holiday activities, incursions, excursions and team building opportunities that teaches children a variety of crafts, skills and abilities. A collection of festive school holiday activities can set the mood and disrupt any planned mayhem from being in confined spaces.


The crazy antics of a subordinate elf that brings a crack-up Christmas show is the main reason why Santa even has a “Naughty List”, The Erratic Elf Noel will have the children laughing in stitches with his Christmas-inspired antics. With a hilarious magic show, some mesmerising juggling and slightly off-beat balloon creations, this entertaining show for children also includes heart-stopping unicycling that will make them gasp in wonder and amazement. 

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How about a sort of show and tell and runaway with the Circus Christmas Spectacular? This Vacation Care is an energy packed Christmas themed workshop’s first hour  talks about the philosophy of being a performing artist, demonstrates how to juggle, then the children are encouraged to show their physical creativity  by trying their hand at juggling balls. 


The children then experiment with hooping, balancing rhythmic poi, diablo, devil sticks and other circus equipment in the workshop’s  second hour. After much of the playing around, kids are then asked to put on a 15-minute show of their own. 


A Christmas Elf has a very real Christmas Dilemma. He shows up to deliver a laughter filled show where he struggles to stay nice and keep being magical. You see, Santa has given unlimited Christmas magic power to the Christmas Elf and does not know what he is going to do with it. It is an adventure filled, magical show with a lot of twists, clowning, sleight of hand, circus and a great story with huge amounts of audience participation.  


This Christmas, these spunky elves are the order. These magical Christmas elves will entertain, educate and keep the children engaged with their funny antics and clowning around. They weave their magical web and enthrall and delight the kids for them to truly have a Merry Christmas.

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