Health Is Still Wealth

Health is still wealth. It is truer now than it was a year ago. The pandemic that we are now facing is making this very evident. In a fight with something we cannot see, our first defense is our health. Even with extreme precaution, we cannot be too careful. With an unseen enemy where droplets smaller than mist could enter and infect rhe people around. 

Being scarce and keeping away from people do  only slightly prevent the spread of this virus, doing our own part. Being cooped up at home is not that natural for people of this decade. Even children have a full schedule from incursions and school activities. For the most part since this Covid-19 situation started, parents are reluctant to have the children out. This is both good and bad news for their health.

Have you seen a child four year old and older without their gadgets? It’s pretty near impossible to see one without it for five minutes in their free time. We all know the pitfalls of too much screen time and what it can do to developing bodies and minds. 

Screen dependency disorder is becoming even more rampant with the limited social things that children are able to do. Too much screen time may overstimulate children that could affect their moods, thinking, behaviour and get distracted easily. Small children and toddlers are even more susceptible to this disorder because of their rapidly developing brain. To prevent further damage, a child should be introduced to more play activities. One that would move their body, get more oxygen and more sun for their tiny bodies.

Children learn more when they see adults doing the things they should be doing. Children ages six and up need at least an hour’s worth of exercise and physical activity. Those younger than that usually do more than an hour for as long as they are not given gadgets to entertain them. This moving about is not just beneficial for their muscles and bones but also benefits their brains. Exercise and play accelerates the connections and growth of the brain. It also repairs the damaged brain cells. Exercise also releases chemicals that make the person feel good quite like when one eats chocolates. 

It is unsure when exactly this viral threat will end. But kids being kids, they will not always remember to wash their hands, keep their hands away from their faces or from unsanitary things and materials. In fact, a tweet going around states that “anyone who thinks children will socially distance has never met children.” to which one replied “anyone who thinks children won’t purposely lick their hands and chase each other yelling “CORONA!!!” has never met children.”. So eventhough we may repeatedly tell and show them what to do in an effort to keep them safe, a healthy body, one that can withstand and repel the virus, is still the only thing we can hope for.

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