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Kids Activities For Stronger Immunity

The current health situation we are in calls for more immunity building kids activities that will promote better health and stronger immunity. We all know that a balanced diet, fresh air, exercise and adequate amount of sleep is the way but the way to getting there can be the problem. Overdoing things like too much exercise and yo-yo diets that can make a good intention bad. 


Children’s immunities develop gradually over time. It does not mature fully until they become seven or eight years old. It is easier to track what they do for their bodies and health before reaching school age where they will interact with more people. Interaction and socialisation can affect and influence their health through peer pressure on food choices and food  intake.


Parents need  to find ways of reinforcing and making sure that these children keep their positive healthy eating habits. One such way is  getting them registered and to participate in immunity building kids activities. These may include incursions, excursions and vacation care that highlights gardening, cooking and exercise / meditation programs. Vacation Care Australia have fun programs that will pique your child’s interest in farm to table activities. Like learning to plant vegetables, ornamentals and herbs and identify trees and plants and explore their meaning and how the First People used them in their daily lives. Our Big Kitchen activity is where children will not only learn of and gain an understanding of cooking and healthy eating habits, but they will be able to experience the joy of helping those less fortunate than themselves.

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Exercises and strenuous, physical activities make their bodies strong and nimble.  Being active also gives their bodies more oxygen as they breathe in from all that movement. Dancing gives them better flexibility, agility and memorising the steps gives the kids a sense of accomplishment. Group activities provide social interaction and friendship which is good for their mental health and overall well-being.


Being aware of what goes in their little bodies and how activities can help them is a step in the right direction to being healthy. Being self aware will make them practice discipline not just healthier eating but also a healthier lifestyle.

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