Kids Love Creepy Crawlies

Kids Love Creepy Crawlies

It’s a mystery why kids love creepy crawlies, busy bees and other beneficial bugs. This fascination must come from the bugs and insects being tinier than they are. They are colourful and like themselves, seldom ever keep still. Even the tiniest spiders to the scaly critters that seem to repulse adults are interesting to these children. Vacation Care Australia encourages and directs this fascination to good use through incursions, excursions and vacation care activities. The programs get the children thoroughly involved and engaged; and introduce the kids to simple concepts of biology, how these worms, insects and bees contribute to the ecosystem, biodiversity and others.


Insects with Hort4Kidz is one good example of Sydney incursion that spotlights the importance of insects, worms and bees, soil improvement, insect identification and interaction with different plants. It tackles caring for the environment and learns more information on the direct and indirect relationships between plants and animals presented by trained horticulturists. They will discover the basics of plant requirements and will be given their own biodegradable pot they can decorate to either bring home or leave at school. 

Kids Love Creepy Crawlies1

Bug Biz interactive insect workshop in South East Queensland vacation care is a fun, collaborative way to know more about the fantastic world of insects. With detailed photographs and amusing props to illustrate how insects breathe, smell and consume their food. Observe at close range some of our own live local Australian insects like giant stick insects, the praying mantis and chubby caterpillars that evolve into colourful butterflies. Learn more of their habitats, appearance and how much they have changed from examining preserved specimens from around the world. 


These activities will make the children wonder more about nature and squeal in delight as they watch these creepy crawlies move. They will learn more about what benefits humans get in their symbiotic relationship in the ecosystem. They also learn more about ecology and biology. This may start them towards becoming horticulturists or entomologists and it all was because these kids love creepy crawlies.

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