Kids Vacation Care Activities This Christmas

Kids Vacation Care Activities This Christmas

Kids Vacation care activities this Christmas may come with a bang! As joyous as Christmas time is, it is natural to have music at such a happy time. Drums are the best choice. Good mood and drums is the ultimate combination for a guaranteed good time! A festive season becomes even more joyous with music. Music, they say, is the universal language. It plays a vital role in mood and impacts your physical, emotional and mental processes.


Music for Christmas just fits so naturally with all the feel good, clapping, rhythmic beating, bang bang boom boom of the drums, tapping of the feet and all this because one is excited and looking forward to the holiday season. 


Want to celebrate the season with this hands-on experience with Christmas drumming with Ian Watson. It is an exciting and engaging drumming workshop with all your favourite music all wrapped up in this unique approach to music. This is one very loud kids incursion where the children will be spending 90% of their time on the drums. 


This children’s workshop is fun, interactive and participative as it involves group learning, teamwork and positive social skills as well as improving memory recall. It empowers children and builds their confidence as they pick up the knack at playing the drums. We all know that children love to be LOUD. With this drumming workshop and the other kids vacation care activities that Vacation Care Australia have lined up may be the lead up to your child’s musicality. 


Christmas and music is just a clear match. Some of the enduring music are Christmas songs, melodies and symphonies. It matters not if it is a happy tune, a ballad or a classic, these compositions prevail year after year. Music  can be an important ingredient towards their own developing personality and exploring and enhancing their musical expression.

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