Looking For Vacation Care Near Me

Looking For Vacation Care Near Me

“School holidays are probably the worst time to be looking for vacation care near me.” you could be thinking, but it is worth a shot if making kids happy is important. Vacation Care Australia have mastered the art of offering vacation care activities, incursions, excursion, after school kids activities.


Summer school holidays usually are perfect days to be out. In these outings, there will be a time where the children will encounter furry friends. Muttley Crew with Farer Dave Vacation Care is a spectacular show filled with fun and cuteness where children learn about acting safely around all kinds of dogs. 

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Farmer Dave and his crew give students an exciting educational experience where they learn about safety around dogs both known and unknown as well as interactive learning outcomes of communication, team building and empathy. Get ready to have your heart melted with the Muttley Crew’s gang of wonderful dogs, trained specifically for even the most nervous children. Children often finish this engaging experience exhausted but loving every moment spent.


A gift that keeps giving, which can happen not just on Christmas, is what Hort4Kidz would like to impart to children dreaming of a green Christmas. Create a unique and sustainable “Growing Gift” that family and friends will be thrilled to receive. A thoughtful present that shows creativity, love and care. A specially decoupaged pot with your choice of paper with a seedling. This living gift comes complete with a tree tag ready for delivery. Everything needed for a great green experience and your awesome living gift is contained in this Dreaming of a Green Christmas with Hort4Kidz vacation care.


A vacation care near me is exactly what Vacation Care Australia will bring with our offerings of extensive range of performers, inspirational children’s authors and fun kids activities such as STEM, Science Week, Book Week, Harmony Day, Grandparents Day, sustainability events and cultural experiences such as Naidoc and some really great venues that matches the day’s activity.

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