Music Related Incursions

Music Related Incursions for Children

Everyone knows that music is the language of the soul and music related incursions greatly benefits children’s development. Even as babies, humming a lullaby or singing a song changes a person’s mood and quiets them down. Studies also show that a baby inside the mother’s womb develops much better and faster when classical music is played regularly. Their brains develop at a faster rate and show definite improvement in almost all areas. Language, math and reading are the main areas that are improved upon by music. 


Music has such a significant impact in a person’s disposition that it is considered a stress reliever.  For any music lover, music sets the tone for how  they would like their day to go.  Listening to soundtracks brings a person back to a time of usually a happy, far away day. 


Incorporating children’s incursion activities with music andMusic Related Incursions1 melodic harmonies; such as a mini musical program introduces kids to musical workshops designed to spark their imagination. Practicing and performing increases their confidence and improves their approaches to each piece and future performances. A mini musical experience featuring Peter Pan, Oliver and Aladdin.  Age appropriate music and lyrics from the movie that the children will grow to love. This is a mini musical theatre experience the kids will surely enjoy, with bouts of singing, dancing, acting and even an opportunity to learn a bit of how a stage production works. 


Let your kids experience electric music with Andy Jones  with a range of musical styles using instruments and electronics to educate, engage and inspire children. Musical genres explored, explained and performed varying from hip hop, disco to Latin and the blues. The children will not only be entertained but invited to the step by step creative process of the interactive performance. 


This musical exposure and music related incursions will familiarise them in different styles, arrangements and musical instruments that they can later on look into. It may be the start of an association with their own musical talents that will be a lifelong interest and a lasting commitment to music.

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