Rediscovering Family, Friends and Fun

Rediscovering family, friends, and fun is what is in store for us after isolation. The COVID-19 threat is not a trivial matter we could just brush aside. It has affected the whole world gradually and exponentially, making it one of the planet’s deadliest viruses and has claimed a lot of lives in such a short time. 

Not much is known about COVID-19 when it first came out. That is why being cautious on a global scale was needed. All public gatherings were suspended and limited. This includes children’s play groups, sports activities, school incursions and after school activities. For a lot of kids, it seemed their childhood had to be put on hold. They could not see their relatives, nor play with their friends. Children often play with abandon. Exploring, playing, discovering things for themselves. In fact, they do most things with abandon. It is up to us, the adults, to make sure they are safe and cared for. 

Thinking outside of the box is now called for, for our children to experience the joys of childhood again. There is a need for more hygienic approaches, disinfecting where needed, practicing social distancing. Constant monitoring and steady safeguards in place would help keep this virus at bay. These measures are in the micro setting. The rest of the country is doing their best to eradicate this virus. It’s a global pandemic and the world is united in expunging it so we may return to how sociable our life was. 

Rediscovering-Family-Friends-and-Fun1Learning how to quickly adapt ourselves to this situation is crucial. We are getting familiar with the new normal. Rediscovering family, friends and fun while being safe without sacrificing precious moments. Celebration of union, welcoming new family addition and the many catch up and memory making events of our lives. Truly this phase has surprised and somewhat overwhelmed us. It made our day-to-day anxiously finding ways for all of us to be safer. 

The one take away from this, apart from heightening the importance of cleanliness and focus on health, is to not take for granted the relationships we have. That our lives are composed of these occasions that we used to resent going to. Now, we look forward to more of these gatherings, practices and experiences with renewed excitement. And made us just a tad more thankful. 

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