School holiday activities for flexibility1

School Holiday Activities For Flexibility

Most children are limber and love, love, love to move and jump around but if one is on the lookout for school holiday activities for flexibility then simply pick among the incursions and excursions that Vacation Care Australia have to offer. Flexibility can be hard when one is older  but to kids, it is quite simple. Still there are children that would want to be even more flexible. These would include would-be gymnasts, athletes, dancers in the making and those wanting to join the circus (me, too).


Children, in their earliest years, are natural mimics. What they see and hear, they will imitate. Sometimes successfully, other times, not so much. That is why planning ahead and guiding the child is a good idea. For you never know, there might be a potential ninja or a budding traceur (a parkour enthusiast) in your hands. It’s nice to be prepared.


A natural step in attaining flexibility is yoga. Little Posers Yoga is a kids yoga program designed to empower children and develop strong, tiny bodies. It improves balance, coordination and fine motor skills. The stretching, breathing and movement techniques allow them to direct their focus, engaging both mind and body to flow as one. The workshop is interactive, non-competitive and all inclusive that teaches self-love, compassion and gratitude through games, dancing and storytelling.

School holiday activities for flexibility2

Your promising gymnast and wanna be ninja will have lots of practice in the Moving Bodies activity. For the little gymnast, a trampoline, bars and beams, springing equipment, a trampoline and foam pit. For the tiny ninja warped walls, a spider wall, ladders and floating doors in an obstacle course bound to thrill and excite. These gears will also be helpful to the traceur-in-training bouncing around performing moves until it becomes second nature. The coaches are encouraging and knowledgeable in the feelings and sentiments of a youngster wanting to be something more than a pint sized person.


School holiday activities for flexibility can also mean dancing and exercise to make moves more fluid and precise. An activity learned early in life, when properly nurtured, benefits one until they grow up. Teaching children early on and encouraging their interests can motivate them to pursue their dreams and become a successful adult.

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