Summer Kids Activities in Sydney1

Summer Kids Activities in Sydney

The heat inspires fun summer kids activities in Sydney. It is the best time to go for walks. Whether short or long walks along the garden. Walking in nature is good for the body both for well and sick ones. For a time we were all asked to stay at home for our own sakes. But being outdoors is one effective way to beat depression, a likely result of being indoors too long.  


Sydney is known for its scenic views and great paths for leisurely walks. Hermitage Foreshore Walk alone is 1.8k. You can start from Nielsen Park or Bayview Hill Road and bask in the fantastic views of Shark Island to find out if it indeed looks like a shark and enjoy the sights of the majestic Harbour Bridge. Although the sights are sometimes better at night. Make sure to slather enough sunscreen and it is a good idea to carry with you some snacks and water. 


You can also find scenic spots for picnics after you get tired of walking Check out Observatory Hill or the Royal Botanic Gardens for a stunning display of Sydney Harbour Bridge. Or watch the sunset with the shimmering vistas of water with a friend or two at Barangaroo Reserve. A barbeque, you say? You could, at Black Wattle Bay Park. Bradfield Park allows furry families and there is a playground for little kiddies. It is also near Olympic Pool and Luna Park which is a crowd drawer and among the favourite Sydney attractions. 

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Ever heard of phytoncides? It is one benefit derived from walking and getting immersed in nature and trees. They are antimicrobial organic compounds released by plants. This is literally what phytoncides mean, “exterminated by the plant”, contrived by Boris P. Tokin in 1928. Phytoncides have antibacterial and antifungal components that they use to fight disease. This component when absorbed by humans lessens stress, uplifts mood and regulates blood pressure. In other words, it makes us healthier and benefits our  overall well being.


Walking as one of fun summer kids activities in Sydney is a great way to let out stress and our minds wander. To reflect and recharge, to muse and prepare for the next days of hurdles that life may throw.

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