Supplementing Knowledge For Children

We love children. We want them to have the best things in life. Even some of those that we never had. We want them to be successful and happy. That is why we try to send them to the best schools, give them the best boost we can. We love it if they are a smaller version of ourselves. And a little nervous when they start becoming their own person. One reason behind that is we have no idea of the path they are taking. This is why it’s good to be supplementing knowledge for children from other sources than just school.

Incursion and excursion programs broaden, strengthen and supplement learning progress beyond traditional lessons. It demonstrates that knowledge is not limited to classrooms. Supplementing knowledge for children like incursions offers a fun situation with opportunities of giving reality based education. Their social skills will improve as they talk amongst themselves, making plans and following directions. It also introduces practical knowledge shared as a class exploring new ideas and experiences. This camaraderie extends to life, working with each other and learning new roles.

Incursion and excursion programs also allows for professionals to impart their knowledge. We can’t know everything. These presenters have spent years doing and perfecting their craft. Their love for their profession shows through in their workshops because they genuinely enjoy what they do. With their experiences they can answer almost any question thrown at them by these kids (and we know they will ask a lot!).  Learning in a non-school setting also makes children behave more like themselves. This will make them freely express who they are without apprehensions of getting graded. It is an opportunity to learn independence, resourcefulness, interaction and tolerance. 


Incursion and excursion programs provides a safe and secure real world based learning experiences to widen their understanding and grasp of how their world works. It provides vital skills and enhance those already in place in a fun and safe venue. 

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