The Discipline of Martial Arts an after school care activity

The Discipline of Martial Arts – After School Care Activity

Many adults often verbalise the wish that they have learned the discipline of martial arts in their younger years as their after school care activity. Learning martial arts takes more than a couple of classes and a willingness to try. Children have a natural affinity to it. Parents usually start sending their children to these after school care activities, it is a good time especially for children that have a lot of energy to burn. Some to teach self- discipline and an element of structure. Some do it for self-defense, or to explore activities the child can be good at.

Choosing activities that suit children and their needs is important. This can be the building blocks that become the foundations of what they become later in life. Starting early teaches the basics of breathing exercises, loosening up and some basic moves.

Martial arts teach children the basics all aside from what traditional schools are teaching. Good manners, mental preparedness, following orders and directions and sometimes, even setting goals. There are many kinds of martial arts that pick one that will specifically cater to your initial needs and what your initial goals are for your child.

A growing child often has problems getting comfortable with their body. This is one of the reasons why some children keep bumping into things and falling down. Regularly doing martial arts will familiarise  them with their ability, help with balance and flexibility. 

 A child’s confidence from martial arts is not just knowing that they can defend themselves or beat somebody up. Exercises and sparring gives body-awareness and calculations of what they are able to do. They are able to determine whether or not they can take on an opponent or plan an appropriate response to a situation. This can be likened to how one attacks life, being prepared and taking a stand. 

On the whole, martial arts teaches children self-awareness and directing their energy positively. The skills learned early on in the discipline of martial arts may not be immediately seen but could be extremely useful in the long term.

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