Vacation Care Activities For Older Kids

Vacation Care Activities For Older Kids

Vacation care activities for older kids have to be inventive and fresh. These hard to please age groups require more than just the basics for their entertainment. They need to be more engaging and entertaining. than most to capture their interest. Because let us face it, the appeal of their gadgets and the call of FOMO on social media may make them want to drop everything else and just immerse themselves in their online world. 


Vacation care activities for older kids should still cover their interests or are alluring rough to pique their curiosity. No to balloons and bubbles, please, unless they do more than what is ordinary and can surprise these “have seen them all” children. Vacation care incursions like the Melbourne Rainbow Warrior that boosts physical activity to push their limits and get them out of their comfort zone. The drills, exercises and fun challenges are made to let the children experience playing in a cloud of rainbow colours. This incursion activity is packed with individual and group tasks that involve problem solving and team building challenges. Colour powder used is guaranteed safe and toxin free.


The Sydney vacation care incursion Billycarts and Rocket Masterclass with Ranger Jamie is a two-for-one exciting workshop that will teach the children to make and launch their own gas rockets and race with their friends around a race course. Take control of land and sky and get their tiny hearts pumping as they watch their creation soar the skies with focus on the force of air pressure gases to propel their gas rockets. This Sydney incursion highlights friendly competition among students while learning the design aspects and related performance and how shape determines the final outcome of a race. Gather up teammates and work together to conquer both land and sky through communication, design fundamentals and mechanics and coming home with new experiences, friends and a thirst for more adventure.


Although the current health protocols will undoubtedly make groups and team building activities difficult, these pursuits can make the kids look forward to future activities like these.

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