Vacation Care And Kids Activities

Vacation Care And Kids Activities

Most vacation care and kids activities are the prelude to competitive sports. Seeing the Olympics in action sparks children’s curiosity and seeing the people cheer the athletes on might inspire them to pursue the event they take a fancy to. But being kids, those in charge have to start slow and make the steps fun to motivate the kids. And even if the kids do not end up to be professional athletes they would have experienced and retain memories of the fun they have had on these programs.


Vacation Care Australia offers incursions, excursions, vacation care and kids activities, corporate and team building, after school, parties and other events to start your young kids on the basics of camaraderie, team concept and having fun.  Like Archery Attack Arrow Tag, a vacation care activity that incorporates archery, paintball and dodgeball. Form two or three teams with colour coded foam-tipped arrows and have fun tagging your friends until your team is declared winner. 


Fit Fantastic Boxing is a fun and energetic activity that promotes confidence, determination, active play and self-discipline. Led by experienced Master Trainer, PE Teacher and kids Coach Ali from Fit Fantastic, Fit Fantastic Boxing aims to teach basic skill set of jabs, crosses, uppercuts and hooks as well as footwork, balance and self-control.    

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Footy Fever with Active Attitudes is jam packed full of things AFL and NFL. It is an intensive clinic for children 5 – 12 and above. The program enables them to develop skills and confidence. Qualified coaches of both the NFL and AFL gives the kids a chance to test their skills and learn a little about both.  Kids are invited to come along in their vibrant footy colours and get into the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie.


The children might not grow up to take part in the Olympics but they would have learned the basics and the acquired confidence plus some great memories of these vacation care events.

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