Incursion – Skateboarding Coahing

Learn to skateboard in this safe and encouraging incursion, with experienced skateboard coaches.

Incursion – Texta & Water Feathers

Like every bird has a different feather, every child has an artist in them!

Incursion – Rainbow Cloud Sculptures

Children will create an original artwork by cutting and sculpting clay into a Rainbow Cloud masterpiece.

Incursion – Cool Kids first Aid

An age appropriate, fun, and interactive way to introduce children to the basic but essential skills of first aid and managing an emergency

Incursion – Magic, Balloon Twisting & Science

No matter which option you choose – kids will have lots of fun and laughter in these non stop interactive shows

Incursion – Bugs Biz

Get up close and personal with some of our live local Australian insects such as giant stick insects, preying mantids and caterpillars.

Incursion – Mini Ninja Bootcamp

Bootcamp program that will have the kids moving and challenged.

A fun program for all ages adding a twist to the general sports clinics.

Incursion – Wellness Warrior

Craft and games, mindset and mateship, emotional regulation, support networks, techniques and triggers, goal setting, yoga, meditation and crystals workshop and so much more.

Incursion – Bedazzled

Bedazzled is a magical and hilarious family show, brought to life by magician, illusionist and sleight of hand expert Daz Buckley.

Incursion – Woodwork for Kids

A fun low-risk activity for children to experience the joy of working with wood, plus make their own take home creation!

Incursion – Evolution Squad Sports

Experience the evolution of sports with kids participating in a range of sports activities from a mini-Olympics tournament featuring soft javelin, dodgeball, tug of war plus more, through to a crowd favourite in bubble soccer!

Incursion – Aboriginal Resources

Aboriginal Art Ochre - Boomerangs - Quandong Seeds
Beeswax - Bark Fibre String - Emu Feathers
and much more!

Incursion – Bug Biz

Get up close and personal with some of our live local Australian insects such as giant stick insects, preying mantis and caterpillars.

Incursion – Rainbow Warrior

Designed to encourage physical activity and push the comfort zone with a number of fund drills, exercises and challenges for children, all completed under a rainbow cloud of colour.

Incursion – Minibeast Wildlife

Minibeast Wildlife has Australia’s largest range of captive bred and sustainably collected invertebrates.

Stick and leaf insects, mantids, spiders, scorpions, cockroaches, beetles, katydids and much more.

Incursion – Inflatables

Planning a day of fun, excitement and non-stop
entertainment at your centre? Then look no further than our complete range of inflatables available for hire.

Incursion – Honey Hip Hop

Learn awesome hip hop routines to the biggest tunes of the moment, play our interactive hip hop dance games and battle it out in our Dance Battle!

Incursion – Active Attitudes

Active Attitudes programs look to build confidence in kids through skill development and encouraging them to explore new things.

Incursion – Footy Fever

What better way to bounce off the start of the Footy Season than with a vacation care incursion jam-packed full of all things AFL & NRL.

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