Incursion – Wildlife Unleashed

Wildlife Unleashed is a place for conservation, sustainability, adventure, and education!

This experience with leave kids with a greater appreciation and understanding for the nature that surrounds us.

Incursion – Wonderful & Impossible Bubbles Show

Giant, smoke filled, wobbly, snowy, even square bubbles, these are just a sample of some of the amazing bubbles you will see during this exciting show.

To finish it off, all children will get the chance to experience what its like to be inside of a giant bubble!

Incursion – Become a Bubble Master

Earn your certificate in Bubble Wizardry learn the secret skills to create mind blowing bubbles. Amaze your friends and family!

Pop loads of bubbles, make giant bubbles, and learn to blow bubbles!

Incursion – Circus Splash ‘n Soak

In this energy packed workshop kids show their physical creativity by trying their hand at lots of different circus skills using circus equipment.

Incursion – Walking Stix

What kid wouldn’t want to try walking on stilts!

Learn to walk, fall, and get backup again!

Incursion – Slime Zone

The extremely satisfying and disgustingly delectable slime workshop is not only educational, but so much fun!

Incursion – Ninja Brain Games

Activities to test team building and critical thinking skills.

Increased self-esteem and self-awareness become evident as each child enjoys the thrill of both team & personal achievement.

Incursion – Backyard Rocket Science

It isn’t rocket science you know! Or maybe it is!

Learn the basics of rocket propulsion in a fun and safe manner using things found around your house.

Incursion – A Weird and Wacky Magical Christmas Show

Join Daz Buckley, Santa’s “Biggest Little Helper”, as he takes a look at the magic and fun of Christmas in a show for everyone!

Incursion – Christmas with Magic Pete

The Magic Pete Christmas Show combines the fun of Magic Pete’s magic and balloons with everyone’s favourite time of year!

Incursion – Arcade Games

Countless hours of fun for kids and big kids!!
Test your reaction speed with some of the best classic arcade games.

Incursion – Bubble Science

In this workshop we will learn how to make our own bubbles, make bubble sculptures as well as giant bubbles! You'll leave as a true bubbleologist!

Incursion – Slime Science

Children will make a few different varieties including snotty glitter slime, impossible slime and bouncy ball slime, and you can take what you make home too!

Incursion – Balloon Art & Magic Show

The Balloon workshop is a fun-filled learning extravaganza where kids learn five fantastic balloon creations and at the end the kids get to take them all home!

Incursion – Magic Learning School

Children will learn how to follow steps to reach a magical conclusion. Of course, the kids won’t notice they are learning any of this because they’ll be having too much fun!

Incursion – Professor Peanutbutter

After School Program

Professor Peanutbutter will demonstrate different types of bubbles in this fun filled, bubble magic, popping extravaganza.

Incursion – Texta & Water Feathers

Like every bird has a different feather, every child has an artist in them!

Incursion – Rainbow Cloud Sculptures

Children will create an original artwork by cutting and sculpting clay into a Rainbow Cloud masterpiece.

Incursion – Cool Kids first Aid

An age appropriate, fun, and interactive way to introduce children to the basic but essential skills of first aid and managing an emergency

Incursion – Wet & Wild Wacky Football

A cool and a hilariously funny way to play soccer!

Incursion – Magic, Balloon Twisting & Science

No matter which option you choose – kids will have lots of fun and laughter in these non stop interactive shows

Incursion – Bugs Biz

Get up close and personal with some of our live local Australian insects such as giant stick insects, preying mantids and caterpillars.

Incursion – Painting Perfection

Kids will learn many different painting techniques in this hands on creative learning experience.

The perfect activity to encourage self-expression and develop creative thought.  Kids will take home their own masterpiece.

Incursion – Bedazzled

Bedazzled is a magical and hilarious family show, brought to life by magician, illusionist and sleight of hand expert Daz Buckley.

Incursion – Photo Booth

Get socialising and have fun dressing up and taking photos with your pals.

Incursion – Evolution Squad Sports

Experience the evolution of sports with kids participating in a range of sports activities from a mini-Olympics tournament featuring soft javelin, dodgeball, tug of war plus more, through to a crowd favourite in bubble soccer!

Incursion – Aboriginal Resources

Aboriginal Art Ochre - Boomerangs - Quandong Seeds
Beeswax - Bark Fibre String - Emu Feathers
and much more!

Incursion – Bug Biz

Get up close and personal with some of our live local Australian insects such as giant stick insects, preying mantis and caterpillars.

Incursion – Rainbow Warrior

Designed to encourage physical activity and push the comfort zone with a number of fund drills, exercises and challenges for children, all completed under a rainbow cloud of colour.

Incursion – Inflatables

Planning a day of fun, excitement and non-stop entertainment at your centre?
Then look no further than our complete range of inflatables available for hire.

Incursion – Honey Hip Hop

Learn awesome hip hop routines to the biggest tunes of the moment, play our interactive hip hop dance games and battle it out in our Dance Battle!

Incursion – Muttley Crew

Shows children how to communicate effectively through the body language of a dog and interpret what a dog  is actually saying to develop a relationship based on a trust and mutual benefits.

Incursion – Active Attitudes

Active Attitudes programs look to build confidence in kids through skill development and encouraging them to explore new things.

Incursion – Mobile Rock Climbing

A creative and interactive activities your kids will love.

Take up the challenge and test your skills, strength, balance, and agility.

Incursion – Footy Fever

What better way to bounce off the start of the Footy Season than with a vacation care incursion jam-packed full of all things AFL & NRL.

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