Incursion – Minecraft Madness Adventure

Focusing on problem solving challenges within the Minecraft Educational Edition world, this program has been hand crafted by a Digital Technologies Specialist and Minecraft Accredited Educator.

Incursion – Dance Works

Teaching basic dance moves and giving plenty of room for interpretation, we will shuffle our way into different eras of dance and different genres.

Incursion – Improvise your life!

In this workshop we use the two magical phrases “what if” and “yes and…”

Kids are encouraged to think outside the box and imagine new worlds together.

Incursion – Speak Up

Working together to find our own unique voice – because it may just be stuck in our feet!

Learning how warming up our voices is important for communication and how it makes us more confident and playful.

Incursion – Water Warriors with Active Attitudes

Water based games and activities for everyone to get involved in - including the educators!

Traditional games, relays, challenges with a twist. Super Soakers, Nerf Water Play, Inflatables!

Incursion – Theatre Sports and Games

Develop key performance skills through games such as Space Jump and The Big Bad Wolf and many more….

Through play kids will learn about spatial awareness, boost social skills, teamwork and critical thinking.

Incursion – Just Clowning

Ever wondered how clowns got to be so silly? You can find out exactly how in this seriously silly workshop.

Together we will look at the ways clowns walk, mime, and play pranks on other clowns.

Incursion – Time+Space = LIFE!

In this workshop children explore time – can it be paused, sped up, slowed right down, or even reversed?

What makes something small v.s. what makes something epic, and who decides?

Incursion – Arcade Games

Countless hours of fun for kids and big kids!!
Test your reaction speed with some of the best classic arcade games.

Incursion – Active Warriors

In a 3 way rotational structure each child will have a chance to participate at each station as part of a group.

Incursion – Dance with Active Attitudes

Run by a qualified dance coach who will guide the kids through a fun dance program aimed at building confidence through music and movement.

Incursion -Dr Hubble 5-week After School Program

The program is suitable for all primary levels and jam packed with links to various curriculum areas including: Science, Sustainability, Thinking Skills, Performing Arts, Mindfulness, English and Mathematics

Incursion – Cool Kids first Aid

An age appropriate, fun, and interactive way to introduce children to the basic but essential skills of first aid and managing an emergency

Incursion – The Puzzler

A unique team building experience similar to a portable escape room.

Teams will race against the clock to be the first to unlock the treasure!

Incursion – Aboriginal Resources

Aboriginal Art Ochre - Boomerangs - Quandong Seeds
Beeswax - Bark Fibre String - Emu Feathers
and much more!

Incursion – Rainbow Warrior

Designed to encourage physical activity and push the comfort zone with a number of fund drills, exercises and challenges for children, all completed under a rainbow cloud of colour.

Incursion – Royal Flying Doctors

A life-sized replica of the fuselage of a flying doctor plane.

It is fully equipped with stretchers, communications, oxygen,
suction and the equipment used by our everyday heroes; the
doctors, nurses and pilots of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Incursion – Inflatables

Planning a day of fun, excitement and non-stop entertainment at your centre?
Then look no further than our complete range of inflatables available for hire.

Incursion – Active Attitudes

Active Attitudes programs look to build confidence in kids through skill development and encouraging them to explore new things.

Incursion – Dr Hubble’s Bubbles

The fun begins as Dr Hubble shows us the magic and beauty of bubbles.

Dr Hubble makes bubbles from objects we find around the house like the milk bottle bubble and the gumboot bubble.

Incursion – Footy Fever

What better way to bounce off the start of the Footy Season than with a vacation care incursion jam-packed full of all things AFL & NRL.

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