Incursion – Fusion Sport

Fusion Sports offers programs designed to get kids active while developing their movement skills. Their highly qualified coaches will make sure your day is fun filled, leaving you with more confidence in your footballing ability.

Soccer - Summer Sprinkle Soccer - Basketball - Multi-Sport

Incursion – Christmas in Australia

This fun and hands on session explores all the cool native animals and plants that let us know that Christmas is coming.

Kids will compare our animals to the animals found in the northern hemisphere.

Incursion- Christmas Science Fun

Enjoy all the excitement of the festive season with Christmas themed science experiments and hands on activities.

Kids will explore a range of fun experiments with some extra glitter for Christmas.

There will be lots of mentos and bicarb/vinegar explosions to keep everyone entertained.

Incursion – Habitat Eco Warrior

Did you know that 19.7% of Australia’s land is protected? Everyone has a role to play in protecting the land and our plants and animals that live there.

Eco Warrior Rachel will help kids understand the importance of conservation and sustainability.

Incursion – The Magic of Science

Science is often said to be magic, and magical phenomena are often explained with science. So, is it science or magic?

By understanding this question and in some part coming up with an answer children will have a better understanding of the universe in which we live.

Incursion – Orson the Magnificent

This jam-packed, interactive workshop is a wonderful blend of performance and a great learning experience.

Prepared to be amazed and wowed with a spell-binding interactive magic show with Orson the Magnificent.

Incursion – Christmas Macrame Magic

Make your very own Christmas knotted masterpiece to hang on your tree or to gift to a friend or family!

Along the way you will learn to tie your shoelaces, fashion a lucky knot, invent your own knot, or tell a not-knot joke.

Excursion – Mr Bower Bird Scrooge

Come on a Christmas Carol adventure with an Aussie twist.

Meet the stingy workaholic bower bird called Mr Scrooge and join him as he learns the true meaning of Christmas, the hard way.

Excursion – Fairy Escapades

Do you believe in fairies? Come on a magical journey at Centennial Parklands as we meet some mischievous and magical creatures from the hidden world of fairies.

Excursion – Water World

Australian summers are hot – you want to make sure that you can build your own water world when you are on your survival trip through the Australian bush!

Join our education rangers and find out who lives in the ponds and water holes and how you can make your own clean water wherever you are!

Excursion – Santa’s Workshop

Join our creative education rangers for 2hrs of creative art making full of seeds, flowers, leaves, and blossoms.

Create three beautiful pieces of nature art to put under the Christmas tree for your parents or grandparents!

Excursion – Dreamtime Drawing

Kids will learn contemporary Aboriginal art techniques and gain an understanding of Aboriginal culture through the stories told by our Aboriginal educators from Shared Knowledge.

Incursion – Pixie Patrol

This is an adventure show that will make you believe!

Ms B and Mr B are both members of the 1890 secret society called Pixie Patrol. Our dashing duo have come out of their secret lair to educate you in the ways of fairy and Goblin folk and drop a positive life lesson or two on the way.

Incursion – Water Eco Warrior

With Water covering 70% of the earth’s surface, it is a vital part of our environment, not to mention it is essential to all living things.

Mermaid Rachel will help kids understand our water cycle, water supply, recycled water and water waste. PLUS most importantly water conservation and sustainability.

Incursion – Meddlesome Music

Offering a spectacle exploring the spectrum of musical expression for kids.  Kat brings an assortment of instruments for the group to try their hand at.

Kids will learn how to bring forth musicality from the most unruly din!

Excursion – Inside the Tide Ocean Discovery

Dive into the Ocean and explore the amazing Inside the Tide exhibition at the Calyx with sea creations and plant life immersing you in an underwater experience.

Excursion – Magical Edible Garden

Come on a fun food-adventure through the Garden to find the most amazing, delicious and surprising edible plants - food for humans and other critters!

Excursion – Aboriginal Biscuits and Bush Tea

Accompanied by a First Nation guide, children will experience a taste sensation with Indigenous bush foods and ingredients.

Excursion – RRRR Pirates

Children learn about the RRRR’s of recycling as they help these Rubbish Pirates rethink their way out of being marooned on a desert island.

Incursion – Runaway with the Circus Christmas Spectacular

Energy packed Christmas themed workshop!

Master a new skill like hooping, balancing, devil sticks and lots more!

Incursion – BubbleBLUE Christmas Spectacle

Bubbles will come from everywhere in this hilarious Christmas spectacle!

BubbleBLUE will blow you away with a magical demonstration of bubbles using shapes, smoke and momentum.

Incursion – Water Warriors with Active Attitudes

Water based games and activities for everyone to get involved in - including the educators!

Traditional games, relays, challenges with a twist. Super Soakers, Nerf Water Play, Inflatables!

Incursion – Christmas Brick Worx

Kids will learn about the history of LEGO and how to create many Christmas themed possibilities with a simple brick!
This workshop will have both team-based and individual creativity challenges in which kids will let their imaginations run wild.

Incursion – The Balancing Man Water Play

The Balancing Man’s summer show is packed with awesome balancing moves and wet fun activities.

Incursion – Junior Builders 2U DIY Kits

Introduces basic fundamentals of educational and creative construction to children.

Kids will be supplied with a set of instructions to guide them through the construction process.

Incursion – Arcade Games

Countless hours of fun for kids and big kids!!
Test your reaction speed with some of the best classic arcade games.

Incursion – Christmas Drumming

Celebrate the season with this hands on drumming experience!

Incursion – BubbleBLUE

BubbleBLUE will blow you away with a magical demonstration of bubbles using shapes, smoke and momentum.

Incursion – JustArt DIY Kit

JustArt will guide you through your creative journey to produce a truly unique creature by manipulating clay to choose your creature’s characteristics.

Incursion – Woodworking DIY Kit

DIY woodworking workshop delivered to your door!
A fun low-risk activity for children to experience the joy of working with wood!

Excursion – Great Outdoors Nature Adventure

Gear up for a jam packed, action fueled outdoor adventure with the Ranger Jamie Team!

Incursion – BillyCart & Rocket MasterClass

In this action-packed, two-for-one masterclass, students will become masters of the sky and the ground as they build their own rockets and race against each other on the racecourse.

Incursion – All Day Science Fun

On this fast paced, hands-on Science Fun Day, students are completely immersed within the amazing and mind-blowing world of science.

Incurison – Photography 2U

Photography Games 2U is a workshop designed to give children an introduction to photography and the use of a digital camera.

Incursion – Active Warriors

In a 3 way rotational structure each child will have a chance to participate at each station as part of a group.

Incurison – Junior Builders 2U

Junior Builders 2U introduces basic fundamentals of educational and creative construction to children.

Incursion – Nick the Stockman

Nick the Stockman and his faithful canine companion, Ted, are ready to visit your Centre to teach your kids about life on a farm in the outback.

Incursion – Fluid Art

This hands on messy and fun incursion is an introduction to Paint Pouring or Fluid Art demonstrating a few of the popular techniques.

Excursion – Jamberoo Action Park

Located just an hour south of Sydney, Jamberoo Action Park is the ultimate experience for a fun day out!

Incursion – Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire is a unique experience that encourages the children (aka) the ‘tribe’ to sit in
a circle and experience the sheer joy and exhilaration of creating primal music as a tribe!

Incursion – Sandy Kids Sand Art

Using laser cut sticker cards, the children are able to create wonderful masterpieces from the many different designs and sand colours

Incursion – Connect to My Country Wiradjurri Nation

Learn about one of our traditional peoples and develop an understanding of the Wiradjurri Nation through Song, Language, Weaving and Art in this interactive workshop.

Incursion – Dance with Active Attitudes

Run by a qualified dance coach who will guide the kids through a fun dance program aimed at building confidence through music and movement.

Incursion – The Science Show with Professor Bubbles

Professor Bubbles will use everything from the tiniest to the largest, square bubbles, volcano bubbles, carousels, and lots more and in the end even make a bubble big enough to “capture” someone in - all whilst learning about the science of elasticity

Incursion – Eye Spy

Can you spot the gadget? Decipher the code? Send a package without it being intercepted?

Excursion – SCG Tour

Children will discover the twists and turns of the SCG, while hearing about modern champions and sporting legends of old.

Incursion – Cookie Decorating & Party

If you are looking for a fun school holiday activity, then Muffin Break has got you covered. Let the kids get creative with a Cookie Decorating Party!

Incursion – Little Growers & Party

This is a fun, interactive and learning workshop for the kids to get their hands dirty and take something home they made themselves!

Incursion – Archery Attack Laser Tag

Play the live action version of your favourite games such as Warzone, Apex Legends, PubG and Fortnite!

Excursion – Bollywood Dance

An enriching cultural experience taught through the enchanting rhythm of Bollywood dance

Incursion – Cool Kids first Aid

An age appropriate, fun, and interactive way to introduce children to the basic but essential skills of first aid and managing an emergency

Incursion – Wick’d Candles DIY Kits

A unique DIY candling making experience using coloured beads.

This Candle Kit does not involve any heating of hot wax and is very safe for children.

Excursion – Bombora Tours Coogee to Clovelly Walk

Immerse your kids in Aboriginal culture along the Eastern Suburbs Coastal Walk!

Incursion – Australia Wildlife Sanctuary WILD Rover

Can’t make it to the Sanctuary? That’s ok! We can bring the Sanctuary to you!
Using our WILD Rover, our educators will bring a range of Australian animals to your centre.

Excursion – Australia Wildlife Sanctuary Bargo

Come and visit the wonderful world of wildlife and immerse your kids in the rich nature, culture, and history of the Australian Wildlife Sanctuary at Bargo!

Incursion – The Wildlife Movement

Children learn about the importance of being connected to the natural world and the ways that they can help protect it

Incursion – Inflatable Movie Screen

Transform your centre into an instant movie theatre with an inflatable movie screen hire

Incursion – Wet & Wild Wacky Football

A cool and a hilariously funny way to play soccer!

Excursion – VRROOM

VRROOM has a huge range of Virtual Reality Tiles to experience, including multiplayer and single player games, Escape Rooms, Simulators, Roller Coasters, Travel Experiences and more!

Incursion – Feathered Friends

Bringing you a range of birds including Eclectus Parrots, Barn Owl, Major Mitchell Cockatoo, Red-tailed Black Cockatoo and a Macaw.

Incursion – Junior Inventiors

A stimulating STEAM workshop focusing on learning the fundamental concepts of circuits, coding and critical thinking.

Children will be introduced to the realm of circuits and prototypes and the world of innovation.

Incursion – Lil’ Ravers Disco Party

Let’s tear up the dance floor from the first beat to the last drop with an interactive explosive live performance that has to be seen to be believed!

Incursion – NAIDOC Orientation

Kids work together to learn how to navigate using a compass around an orienteering course set up at your school or centre.

Excursion – NAIDOC Orientation

Children will work in groups to take on the role as a historian and explore objects, tools, materials, plants, and pictures of First Australians to uncover the answers to the activity questions.

Incursion – Is it Science or Is it Magic?

A voyage of discovery, where science meets science fiction and magic meets mystery.

Incursion – Illusionarium

A unique and unforgettable experience of wonder, designed to entertain and educate.

Incursion – The Stitches Collection

Children will tell their story by designing their own unique stitches character using cartoon drawing techniques.

Incursion – Raptor Reptile NAIDOC

Become enthralled with Stories of Dreamtime about our native wildlife and the land we live on with the help of some scaly friends.

Incursion – Woodwork for Kids

A fun low-risk activity for children to experience the joy of working with wood, plus make their own take home creation!

Incursion – Professor Bubbles

Professor Bubbles takes this age old fascination, with the Humble Soap Bubble,  adds a load of laughter, comedy, music and of course AMAZING BUBBLES and combines it all in a show like no other.

Incursion – Clowning Around

Using physical theatre games, improvisation, movement and traditional clowning techniques, children get to explore their inner world and access their inner clown.

Incursion – Pirate Adventure

Through circus, music, storytelling and wild imagination this interactive pirate show will be the best you’ll ever SEA!

Incursion – Make Em Laugh

Children learn the fundamentals of basic mime technique using elements of illusionistic mime with traditional slapstick based clowning.

Incursion – Macrame Magic

Explore the magic of rope and make your very own knotted masterpiece, a fancy key ring, or a decorative plant hanger to keep.

Excursion – Tribute to our ANZACS

Learn about the past military leaders, service men and women of Australia and Japan, and subsequent events that occurred following the attacks of Sydney Harbour.

Incursion – Tribute to our ANZACS

EcoWalks Soldier Explorer provides kids with an adventure learning about the stories of the significant events and experiences of Australians at war in Sydney during WWII.

Incursion – Wasabi Kids Japanese Experience

This experience is designed for children to understand and be aware of cultural differences in the world and encourage them to experience the Japanese culture whilst having fun.

Incursion – SuperHero Training Squad

Take one big adventurous leap and leave your alter ego behind as you discover your inner superhero in this action packed fun physical activity.

Incursion – Arrow Tag

A  hybrid mix of Paintball, Archery and Dodgeball – take the best bits and you have Arrow Tag!

Incursion – Nerf Wars

If you are looking for a great way to entertain your kids in the holidays why not try a NERF WAR incursion, where teams go head to head in a series of challenges.

Incursion – Little Posers Yoga

Empowering children of all ages by helping them to develop strong bodies, embrace their uniqueness, experience inner-calm and most importantly HAVE LOTS OF FUN!

Incursion – Evolution Squad Sport Water Play

Perfect for those sunny hot summer days, and what better way to spend it than with kids roaming and soaking their friends.

Incursion – Glow Party

Party Lights come into play, plus a UV Light to make everything glow!!!

Our routines encourage students to cross the mid-line engaging both sides of the brain.

Incursion – Raptor Reptiles

Raptor Reptiles love all things scaly and creepy, and with over 50 animals, they have more than you can poke an elephant’s trunk at!

Excursion – iFly

Children of all abilities can now be given the opportunity to spread their wings and fly like a superhero!

Incursion – Surreal Racing Experience

This is an experience that combines Kids love for RC cars with their passion for gaming consoles!

Centennial Parklands – Little Red Riding Hood

The classic tale we all know and love (with a few twists) with the chance for the audience to be in the story.


Incursion – Pedal & Power KartznCars

Lots of fun and laughter while kids develop skills and increase confidence with this low risk outdoor activity.

Incursion – Tales Short and Tall

Let Shakespeare himself transport the children back to the first cave writing of stone age man, the hieroglyphs of the ancients, the development of the quill/pen, the origins of paper, the Renaissance and Victorian writers to modern day coding, the new written word.

Incursion & Excursion – EcoWalks

EcoWalks Tours provide a range of learning activities designed to encourage young people to engage with nature and explore their surroundings.

Excursion – FREAK VR

FREAK is an immersive virtual reality gaming venue, that combines cutting edge multiplayer games, incredible 4D effects and curated physical spaces to help you venture beyond reality.

Incursion – Photo Booth

Get socialising and have fun dressing up and taking photos with your pals.

Incursion – Dragon Tao Kids Kung Fu

Dragon Tao Kids Kung Fu teach kids the skills of discipline, mindfulness and self-defence.

Not only this, but they also learn how to relax, focus better, build self confidence, and improve health, which we all know is of great benefit to kids.

Incursion – GO-Karts2U

GO-Karts2U is a mobile business that uses unique electric go karts driven around an inflatable track!

All you need to provide is the venue and the drivers and GO-Kartz2U will take care of the fun.

Incursion – Play Fit Stay Fit

Play Fit Stay Fit focuses on a program created not just as a workout geared towards kids, but a MOVEMENT that aims to change the concept of health and fitness for today’s kids.

Incursion – Evolution Squad Sports

Experience the evolution of sports with kids participating in a range of sports activities from a mini-Olympics tournament featuring soft javelin, dodgeball, tug of war plus more, through to a crowd favourite in bubble soccer!

Excursion – Tru Ninja

Race your friends on our obstacle race tracks, test your balance and ninja skills on the ninja obstacles across our big ninja foam pits, climb the walls, beat the warped wall and jump into a huge stuntman airbag.

Incursion – Aboriginal Resources

Aboriginal Art Ochre - Boomerangs - Quandong Seeds
Beeswax - Bark Fibre String - Emu Feathers
and much more!

Incursion – Zoom Mobile Archery

Zoom Mobile Archery allows anyone and everyone to try the noble sport of archery – no matter your experience level or abilities!

Incursion – Wick’d Candles

Wick’d Candles specialise in hand poured Scented Soy Wax candles, melts and have a range of bath and body products, all from natural ingredients.

Children will create two unique wax candles using coloured beads to take home.

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