Incursion – Hort4Kidz

Hands on Gardening Activities for Little Green Thumbs

The team at Hort4Kidz are qualified Horticulturists and experts in all things outdoors.

Their infectious enthusiasm gets kids popping up like flowers in springtime to be involved!

Incursion – Hort4Kidz ANZAC

Why are some plants traditionally worn on ANZAC day?

Learn about the properties of ANZAC plants
and their history.

Why are they significant and what do they represent?

Incursion – Hort4Kidz NAIDOC

How useful were trees and plants to our First People?

Learn about native trees and plants, their uses,
as well as discovering their meaning and importance
to our indigenous community.

Incursion – Hort4Kidz Insects

What’s the buzz?

Learn about basic plant requirements and how
insect interact with them.

How do we attract more beneficial insects
and discourage the pesky ones?

Incursion – Hort4Kidz Succulents

Sensational Succulents

Learn about basic succulent requirements and
how these tough, waterwise little characters are so
unique and groovy looking.

Incursion – Hort4Kidz Christmas

I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Create a unique and sustainable ‘Growing Gift’ that
family and friends will be thrilled to receive.

Plenty of love, care and creativity makes for a thoughtful present, that will last long into the new year.

Incursion – Synthetic Ice Skating Rink

mobile synthetic ice skating rinks australia

Coast to Coast Synthetic Ice Skating Rink is it!

Adam, an ex-championship skater will bring to your centre a mobile synthetic ice rink.

Your children will love the opportunity to learn to skate without the wet clothes and the cold air.

Incursion – Flipping Disc Dogz

Aussie Stunt Dogs

Flipping Disc Dogz perform their stunt show
with 8 border collies all over Australia bringing smiles
to everyone that sees them.

Flipping Disc Dogz enjoy the show as much as the crowds!

Incursion – The Balancing Man

The highly talented Balancing Man will wow children with this interactive show.

Children will be screaming with excitement when toilet seats and brooms wobble unsteadily on his hands and face.

After the show children will learn balancing in a hands-on workshop which will conclude with the children performing their best balancing moves!

Incursion – Muttley Crew

A Spectacular Dog Show

Shows children how to communicate effectively
through the  body language of a dog and interpret
what a dog  is actually saying to develop a relationship
based on a trust and mutual benefits. Among the incursions Sydney children enjoy the most.

Incursion – Food, Fibre and Fuel

An educational and entertaining workshop

A journey exploring the use of  water conservation, crop and animal development to meet the needs of an ever changing global system.

Children will be able to think critically and creatively whilst engaged in hands on activities designed to motivate and activate higher order thinking.

Incursion – Outback Team Challenge

Bringing Good Old Country Fun

We take the kids on an awesome learning adventure which
stimulates the mind and body, learning about Australian Culture through Games and Fun.

Taking in our Tribal Past the kids learn to interact make friends, work together in the spirit of mateship and inclusion.

Incursion – Connect to My Country

Embracing our Aboriginal past!

Kids are taken on a linguistic and transformative adventure throughout this incursion.

Learn about one of our traditional peoples, the weaving of yarns and Dreamtime stories.

Incursion – Kids Love to Cook

Mobile Cooking School

Practical hands on workshop, with all ingredients,
equipment and aprons supplied.

Offering a broad range of menu options are offered
for you to select from.

Incursion – Crazy Canvas Painting

Children can be mini Monet’s in this fun class!

Under the guidance of experienced art teacher Donna, children explore their inner creativity in this fantastic workshop. Book a new theme every time! One of the incursions Sydney children enjoy the most.

Incursion – Blockheads

Mix and Match recycled images on Canvases!

Embellish with crazy Pop Art pieces with plenty of painting, cutting and gluing to create a wall hanging this is achievable and fun for all ages!

Incursion – Totally Wild

Go Totally Wild!

Children will create an animal collage then add colourful spatter paint producing an arty jungle scene.

Lots of painting techniques to be learnt in this workshop where “self expression” is encouraged.  Lots of messy fun!

Incursion – Earthbeats

Magical Interactive Music Experience

With fun and learning as the focus – Earthbeats creates an interactive and happy music experience!

Full of wonderful surprises, a love of music and a happy presence, Susie will ignite and engage children of all ages.

Incursion – Earthbeats NAIDOC 2019

“Voice. Treaty. Truth.  Let’s work together”

A unique and engaging hands on experience which includes Indigenous Songs, face painting with Indigenous and cultural themes, dances, games and activities.

Incursion – Earthbeats ANZAC

A Unique Anzac Day Experience

This show is a unique and engaging Anzac Day experience,
with Aussie, Indigenous and cultural songs, dances,
games and activities.

Incursion – Earthbeats Australia Day

Educational, cultural and most of all…fun! 

A Cool Collection of Australian and Indigenous songs,
dances and music games.
In global style, Earthbeats also celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity with songs from around the world.

Incursion – Culture Club

Jam packed with a variety of fun activities!

Cultural appreciation through Dance, Drama, Music & Trivia!

Through a series of quizzes kids will travel the world, visiting places like Mexico, France, USA and Korea!

Incursion – Culture’s Back

Jam packed with a variety of fun activities!

A fantastic way to embrace cultural difference in a
fun and interactive way.

If your kids liked our last Culture Club,
they’re going to LOVE this one!!

Incursion – Active Attitudes

Encouraging active bodies while nurturing active minds.

Active Attitudes programs look to build confidence in
kids through skill development and encouraging them
to explore new things.

Incursion – My Dance Crew

An entertaining and inspiring form of exercise

My Dance Crew’ provides a cutting-edge entertainment platform where your kids get to experience a huge variety of dance styles and genres as they dance in teams, formations, scattered around the room, on their own and with a friend.

Incursion – Monster Skate

A fun sport in pumping atmosphere

 Children are introduced to action sports with accredited coaches and top of the line equipment.

Skateboarders and scooters riders can test their skills
on an outdoor vert and mini ramps

Incursion – Illuminata Circus Dance Party

Glow in the Dark and L.E.D. Light Up Circus Games

Turn up the music, turn out the lights and get inspired watching an incredible illuminated Circus Show.

Learn to create rainbow trails of glow in the dark colour, juggle glowing balls and use phosphorescent hula hoops plus hands on fun with other awesome circus props.

Incursion – Super Soaker Summer Circus Circuit

Just add water!

Super fun circus circuit full of curious water themes
circus games and activities.

Try unique juggling games with water balloons, make giant sized bubbles jump through hoops, be mesmerised by the incredible magic of water.

Incursion – Hoops and Loops

Get set to do some movin’ & groovin

Presented by Heidi Hoops, one of Australia’s most
accomplished hula hoopers and comic circus artists.

Expect to see the weirdest hula hoop
tricks you’ve ever seen, as well as juggling and so much more.

Incursion – Runaway with the Circus

A non-stop high energy, participation Workshop!

Benny demonstrates how to juggle, talks about the philosophy of being a performing artist, then children show their physical creativity by trying their hand at juggling balls. It’s fun. It’s wild, and the kids love it.

Incursion – Vaudeville Spectacular

An Incredible Vaudeville Extravaganza!

International artist Benny O entertains the children
in this action-packed show, featuring circus, dance, magic,
clowning, comedy and plenty of audience participation.

Incursion – Captain Bubbles

All Aboard!

Captain Bubbles will be sure to amaze with a magical
display of unusually shaped bubbles. No one will be able to
stay anchored when these bubble ships take to the air. One of the incursions Sydney kids enjoy the most.

Incursion – Strings Attached

An introduction into the wonderful world of Puppets

Children will discover different types of Puppets and how they operate. They will also have the opportunity to work with sock, rod, hand, marionette and bunraku style puppets.

Incursion – Brick Worx

A world of tangible creativity!

Kids will learn about the history of LEGO and how to
create many possibilities with a simple brick!

This workshop will have both team-based and individual
creativity challenges in which kids will let their
imaginations run wild.

Incursion – Kids Love to Cook

Mobile Cooking School

Practical hands on workshop, with all ingredients,
equipment and aprons supplied.

Offering a broad range of menu options are offered
for you to select from.

Incursion – What’s the Joke

Wildly Popular Musical Show

Bestselling children’s author and entertainer, Andy Jones, presents a hilarious, musical show about jokes and humour.

Using guitar, drums and fun props, Andy will show children how to deliver a punchline, create a joke, use gross humour and laugh till your sides ache!

Incursion – Rap, Rhyme & Rocking Poetry

Spreading the Word through Rhyme and Rhythm!

Andy will have all children involved in creating a short narrative, rap, rhyme riddle or poem.

The children brainstorm, write, edit and refine a piece using musical backing and will record their performance.

Excursion – Quizz-Itch

The Harry Potter Quiz Show

Brush up on your Harry Potter knowledge and prepare to have an amazing time – with trivia questions, a spelling bee, audio/visual teasers, drawing games, competitions for the best dressed and heaps more!

Incursion – Electric Music

Samplers to Singalongs

Electric Music is a musical smorgasbord with children involved in every step of the creative process and performance.

Musical genres from Hip Hop and Disco to Latin and the Blues will be explored, explained performed and enjoyed.

Incursion – Dr Hubble’s Bubbles

Everybody loves bubbles!

The fun begins as Dr Hubble shows us the magic and
beauty of bubbles.

Dr Hubble makes bubbles from objects we find around the house like the milk bottle bubble and the gumboot bubble.

Incursion – Base Zero

Mobile Rock Climbing

Excitement at your service builds as a portable rock climbing wall raises up into position.

It’s a thrilling adventure for children and even team leaders.

Incursion – Adventure Quest

All you need is a little imagination!

Adventure Quest’ is an interactive show loosely based on the ideals of the ‘Pick a Path’/’Choose Your Own Adventure’ novels and designed to combine Music, Storytelling, Drama and Dance together in one all-inclusive show.

Incursion – African Percussion

Africa’s music is its lifeblood

African music is full of vibrancy, passion and energy which is used to celebrate, communicate and reflect the countless customs, beliefs and societies that stretch over this vast land.

Incursion – Middle Eastern Percussion

Drum to the beat of the Middle East

Middle Eastern music has developed into some of the most infectious, exotic, authentic, and recognisable sounds that we have on this planet.

Incursion – Trash Percussion

Empowers children with a unique approach to music

Trash Percussion is an exciting, vibrant and all-inclusive style of percussion designed with the view that anything and everything can be a musical instrument.

Incursion – Kidz Mantra Laser Tag

A fun filled mobile laser tag experience 

It is unique, full of fun, excitement, team building, and lots of easy to more tactical games suited for different ages.

Kidz Mantra have got the most advanced laser tag gaming system.

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